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SISCO is a competitive valve manufacturer that was first incorporated in 1995. As an OEM manufacturer, we specialize in premium industrial valves. Our main products include the butterfly valve, gate valve, and check valve. These products are utilized extensively by industries such as petroleum, chemical engineering, sewage treatment as well as air and water treatment. Customization services are available upon request. 

SISCO owns 12.000 square meters of real estate. We maintain operations with a staff of more than 200 employees, many of whom are senior engineers and experienced technicians Our modern facilities include 11 workshops and 3 automatic assembling machines that been specialized for dedicated functions such as assembly processing, painting, and testing. A complete array of advanced equipment ensures the quality of our products.

We have successfully passed the certification of internationally recognized standards such as CE. DNV, GOST, and ISO9001.Our manufacturing techniques implement state-of-the-art technologies to guarantee high processing efficiency and integrity. This level of enhanced productivity is the underlying basis for our always- on-time delivery policy As a mature and responsible enterprise, we strive to provide considerate and attentive after-sales services. 

SISCO exports worldwide to regions including the Americas Europe, and the Middle East. Our valves have also exhibited outstanding performance on domestic markets, serving as the control node for systems such as petroleum pipelines, heat supply pipelines, water supply pipes, chemical pipelines and sewage treatment 

Product quality has always been our top priority. All SISCO employees are trained in proper handling and operating techniques. We have developed quality control protocols to streamline everything from raw material procurement to machining, inspection and logistics.

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