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Non-rising Stem Resilient Seated Gate Valve




      Water-supply systems

      Water & Wastewater treatment system

      Food processing

      Firefighting system

      Natural gas, liquefied gas system

      SISCO RGV010 series can be used to re­place the stainless steel valves, and copper alloy valves, which suit for high standard hotels, office buildings and resi­dential building drainage pipelines. RGV010 series are designed to meet the stringent requirements of wide range of industries that including:

      1.      Innovative and reasonable design, simple and compact structure, easy to operate;

      2.      Sealing reliability, zero leakage;

      3.      Fusion bonded epoxy coating throughout inside and outside, minimum thickness 310um of outside surface, rubber coated disc to prevent the medium pollution;

      4.      Larger flow area, Un-notched bottom, no smudgy accumulation, smaller flow resistance;

      5.      Smaller operating torque, easy to operate;

      6.      Flexible mode of operation such as hand wheel, gear box, electric actuator;

      7.      Easy installation, no valve well needed under normal circumstanc­es, stem cap for deep well and underground pipeline is available.

      1.    Standard

      Design: BS EN1171:2002 Face to face standard: BS EN558:2008 Flange standard: BS EN 1092-2:1997 PN10/16 Test standard: BS EN 12266-1:2012

      2.     Specification

      DN50 〜DN700 Pressure: PN 10/16 Temperature: <-30'C~< 180"C Coating thickness: >300|jm

      3.     Applicable media

      water, oil, gas and other non-corrosive media.

RGV010 DN50-DN600-Model.jpg